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What is a QR Code?

QR stands for quick response; quick response codes originated in Japan as a way to track vehicles during the manufacturing process. They are square and consist of black modules on a white background.  When generated, QR codes are encoded with some type of information and have endless possibilities for use.

What is the History of QR Codes?

QR codes were originally developed in 1994 by a company called Denso-Wave. Denso-Wave is a subsidiary of Toyota, and the codes were used to track vehicle parts during the manufacturing process.

How Do QR Codes Work?

QR codes can hold hundreds of times more information than traditional barcodes, and they are designed according to character set, version, and error correction levels. QR codes can accommodate multiple character sets including numeric, alphanumeric, binary, and Kanji. QR codes are also built with error correction meaning they can be partially manipulated or changed and are still able to be scanned and read properly.

How are QR Codes Read and Scanned?

QR codes can be scanned and read by the use of various applications available for smartphones. Simply download a QR code reader onto a smartphone and then use it to scan picture of QR codes. The codes can then be deciphered and direct users to the correct information.

What are the Uses of QR Codes?

QR codes have many uses and have proven themselves as a very effective marketing tool. Some ways that QR codes can be used:

  • Business cards
  • Storefront displays
  • Websites
  • Clothing
  • Stickers
  • Catalogs


How are QR Codes Made?

QR codes can be made by simply finding an online QR code generator. Some generators even allow for creativity and allow you to add color, logos, brand images and more to the QR code. The other way to make a custom QR code is to manipulate the photo with image editing software to add pictures, logos, or endless other ideas.

Can QR Codes Be Tracked?

QR codes can be used in marketing campaigns so it is important to be able to track the results when using them. It is important to make sure that a marketing campaign is successful so in turn it is important to track the effectiveness of a QR code marketing campaign. Google Analytics is one of the ways in which QR codes can be tracked.